New Home Windows in Vancouver

So, you’ve had your new home windows installed in Vancouver. 

What better way to highlight them than to decorate them for the holiday season?

It’s hard to imagine a cozier feeling than pulling into your driveway after a long day at work and having a warm holiday display greet you through your living room windows in Vancouver—or having joyful window decorations bring smiles to your guests’ faces at family gatherings. And the kids will love helping you put them together!

Here are four ideas to spruce up your new home windows in Vancouver this holiday season:

  1. Wreaths. Classic wreaths can be purchased almost anywhere at this time of year. For that extra special effect, hang several wreaths of different sizes and at different heights in your larger windows in Vancouver. Or if the creativity bug bites you extra hard, purchase wreath forms from a craft supply store and make your very own unique wreaths from flowers, colourful fabric or ribbon.
  2. Snow. Bring it indoors! Frost up your windows with spray-on snow, or for that powdery look on window ledges grind up some coarse salt as a base for other decorations and get the unique look you want. Cotton balls are also great for creating a fluffier snow base.
  3. Lights and candles. Christmas lights in your windows in Vancouver are a classic. And with the huge selection available today—from the brightest and most colourful to the daintiest and most subtle—there is no limit to what you can create with lights. But nothing beats candles on a window ledge for that timeless effect. A warning is in order, however—if you have pets or small children in the house, use extra caution with real candles; they are quick to get knocked over. And never leave them unattended, near flammable materials like drapes or other decorations or in a drafty location.
  4. Spruce boughs. These can often be purchased where you buy your Christmas tree, or use the ones you trim off the bottom of your own tree. Spruce boughs on a window ledge or hung up to frame your windows in Vancouver are a delight to the senses—both the eyes and the nose. Today, when so many opt for artificial trees, evergreen boughs can fill a room with that delicate fragrance that was once such an integral part of the holidays when fresh-cut trees were used.

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