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CA5500 Casement Window System
  ca5500 casement muntin   ca5500 casement open   ca5500 casement geometric

RetroTeck Casement Windows come in a wide range of sizes, all with reinforced stiles for additional strength to anchor hinges.
A triple bulb seal, for a tighter window, helps to keep water and air out. Take your choice between the cam handle (standard)
and the multi-lock roto hardware (optional). Shown with optional muntin bar at left. Optional Multi-lock Roto System shown at
center. Custom shapes are available on request - shown with optional muntin bars at right.

100% fusion-welded vinyl frame and sash corners provide strength and durability with water and air leakage eliminated at
critical corner locations. RetroTeck high performance windows offer outstanding benefits to the homeowner. The natural
insulation of 100% vinyl returns immediate savings to the home owner in reduced energy bills. The same
energy-efficient features that guard against temperature extremes also provide an effective barrier against
outside noise. Muntin bars are available in a wide range of grids.

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Cross Section for CA5500 Casement Windows

  ca5500 casement cross section   ca5500 windowlock  

1 Multi-chamber Frames with triple bulb seal around
casement sash. RetroTeck frames resist twisting and
will not warp. Sealed air chambers insulates against
hot and cold weather extremes providing controlled comfort.

Standard Cam Handle

3 Optional Roto Operator

4 Optional Multi-lock Handle

5 Triple Bulb Weather Seal

6 One Piece Brickmold Flange (for Renovation)

7 Hollow Multi-Chamber Design for maximum
strength and reducing heat loss

8 Screen with wicket box for Standard Cam Handle

9 Screen for Optional Roto Operator

ca5500 roto operator
ca5500 multi lock
ca5500 flange
ca5500 screen


RetroTeck Quality Features - CA5500 Series

• Heavy vinyl walls for strength - windows are 0.080” thick
• 3-1/4” multiple hollow chambers minimize heat loss
• Weather-tight welded corners
• Standard Cam Handle
• Optional Roto Hardware
• Pre-punched nail fin location for ease of installation and more
support (new construction)
• Low point / high pressure weep system removes water quickly

• Triple bulb seal for airtight construction
• One piece brickmold flange (renovation)
• Non-corrosive hardware for long life
• 3/4” overall glass thickness for optimum insulating value
• Custom grids available in a variety of colours and sizes
• Custom colours available upon request
• Energy Star with LoE2 Glass + Argon Gas filled


RetroTeck Flange Styles
5500 equal leg   5500 nail on   ca5500 rebate   ca5500 brickmold
Equal Leg
  Nail On
(New Construction)
  1.5 in. Rebate


RetroTeck Flange Colours
white flange   beige flange   gray flange   green flange   blue flange   black flange
STANDARD - White   OPTIONAL - Beige   CUSTOM COLOURS - Available on request, other colours available, not shown


RetroTeck Muntin Bar Combinations
  muntin 1 muntin 2 muntin 3 muntin 4 muntin 5 muntin 6 muntin 7 muntin 8 muntin 9 muntin 10 muntin 11 muntin 12 muntin 13 muntin 14 muntin 15 muntin 16 muntin 17 muntin 18 muntin 19  

energy star logo RetroTeck Quality Products are Energy Star Rated
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