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Less Conductivity
Super Spacer nXt™ insulates the frame and edge of glass better than other spacer bars providing substantially reduced perimeter condensation, excellent thermal performance and enhanced sound dampening properties, thereby saving energy and increasing comfort.

Reduced Total Window U-Value
Super Spacer nXt™ reduces the total window U-factor and can be the difference in meeting Energy Star® requirements.



Improved Condensation

Super Spacer nXt™ increases the edge of glass temperature making windows warmer thus dramatically reducing interior condensation.

Extensive Testing
Under All Conditions

Rigorous testing proves that Super Spacer nXt™ maintains excellent adhesion in extreme temperatures. Tested extensively in thousands of extreme freeze thaw cycles, a year in hot humid environment or combined with intensive UV, Super Spacer nXt™ exceeds the challenges of every major durability test in North America.


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The Advantages of using RetroTeck Windows
RetroTeck uses LoE2 Glass
LoE2 glass is the best performing glass on the market
today; your house stays cool in the summer by reflecting
the sun’s heat and damaging ultraviolet rays and warm
in the winter by reflecting the interior heat back into the
room. This is the best glass to use in your home with it’s
R4 center of glass rating.
  Inside Glass and Outside
The table at right
compares the room side center of
glass temperature of four different
glass types against two different
winter conditions.

Outside temperature -29°C-10°C
Room side center of glass temperature
Single pane -17°C -7°C
Double pane clear 3°C 11°C
Ordinary Low-E 8°C 14°C
LoE2-172 11°C 16°C

Cozy Inside
The insulating effect of your
windows has a direct impact on
how your rooms feel during cold
weather. Typically, 75% of the
exposed surface of a window is
glass, and the room-side temperature directly affects the
air temperature in the room. The better insulated the window glass,
the warmer your room will be.

The superior insulating capability
of Cardinal LoE2-172 glass is a
key factor in the construction of
comfortable windows for cold
climates. The dramatic comfort
improvement from windows with
warm glass surfaces also means
the relative humidity of the indoor
air can be controlled and main-
tained properly. Proper humidity levels (not too much, not too little)
will improve comfort and promote
a healthier living environment.


Solar Control
The oppressive heat of the sun is
composed of visible light and
invisible infrared energy. Cardinal
LoE2-172 glass is produced with a
patented coating technology that
allows the daylight to pass through
and filters solar heat. LoE2-172
glass blocks enough solar heat that
cooling loads can be cut by 25% or
more compared to ordinary low-E
and clear glass. Controlling solar
gain not only saves energy during
the air-conditioning season, it
improves the comfort and livability
of sunny rooms during the spring
and fall when the cooling system
isn't’t normally used.

Solar Blockage
Single Pane - 14%
Double Pane Clear - 24%
Ordinary Low-E - 28%
LoE2-172 - 59%



RetroTeck Privacy Glass Options
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pinhead   arctic   delta-sandblasted   flutes   niagara   square
Pinhead Arctic Delta Sandblasted Flute Niagara Square


RetroTeck Sealed Unit Options
• Sound reducing glass
• LoE2 glass
  • Sandblasted glass
• Leaded glass
  • Tempered glass
• Laminated glass
  • Variety of tinted glass
• Security glass
  • True divided lite muntin bar
• Internal muntin bars in different colours

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Where Does the Heat Go?
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