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SuperCapSR™ is a Proven, Long-Lasting Performer

Accelerated lab and real world weathering test proven and evolving from military infrared heat-reflective coatings technology, SuperCapSR™ colour coating absorbs less heat to prevent vinyl profile distortion.

Exceeds Tough Industry Standards:

  • AAMA 613 for Color Retention
  • AAMA 614 for Weathering
  • AAMA 615 for Durability, testing to 12x harder than competitive paint coatings

Tested and passed per ASTM: D3363, D4214, D2247, D4585, D714, D523, D4726, D3359, D4803 and D968.

Over 5 years of harsh outdoor field testing in Arizona, Florida and Kentucky confirms our rigorous lab test results.

supercaps colour coating

SuperCapSR™ Colour Options

Available in four popular exterior architectural colours:

black architectural bronze adobe silver

Black   Architectural Bronze   Adobe   Silver

  • Exceptional patent-pending exterior color technology for vinyl and composite windows and doors
  • Superior solar heat-reflective performance – reflects 76% of infrared light to reduce vinyl profile heat gain
  • Maintain profile dimension integrity by reducing solar heat build-up
  • Co-extruded process provides a molecular-bonded acrylic color layer - integral to the profile - that is highly scratch resistant
  • Durable colors will not crack, chip, flake or chalk like most industry-applied paint

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Advanced Vinyl Windows Colour Technology


SuperCapSR™ architectural bronze on vinyl window frame and muntins.

  • Permanent, molecular-bonded colour coating
  • Proprietary solar-reflective technology
  • Reflects 76% of infrared light

Advanced Vinyl Colour Technology

advance vinyl colour technology
  • The most durable color solution on the market
  • Tests to 12x harder than competitive paint-applied coatings
  • High scratch resistance handles jobsite abuse better than paint, saving time and cost
high scratch resistance example

When the Heat is On, SuperCapSR™ Performs

Co-extruded SuperCapSR™ acrylic thermal-fused colour layer becomes integral to the profile.

Co-extruded SuperCapSR™ acrylic thermal-fused colour layer becomes integral to the profile.

Historically, darker colored vinyl windows and patio doors have had problems with frame heat build-up – not only in hot climates, but also in most direct sun conditions. SuperCapSR™ heat-reflective color technology is a patent-pending process that creates a tough, molecularly fused acrylic color layer. The result? A color coat that’s permanently bonded to the vinyl frame extrusion for superior color retention and scratch-resistance performance.

reflects 75% of infrared light View Maps

Superior Field Benefits

infrared light

Actual thermal image lab test photo.

  • Superior infrared reflective performance prevents heat buildup that causes frame distortion
  • Never needs painting. Colour is thermally fused into the vinyl profile
  • Super durable and will not crack, peel, chip, flake or chalk like paint
  • Backed by a 20-year warranty covering defects resulting in peeling, blistering or flaking

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