SuperCapSR™ Colour Options

Advanced Vinyl Windows Colour Technology

SuperCapSR™ architectural bronze on vinyl window frame and muntins.

  • Permanent, molecular-bonded colour coating
  • Proprietary solar-reflective technology
  • Reflects 76% of infrared light

SuperCapSR™ is a Proven, Long-Lasting Performer

Over 5 years of harsh outdoor field testing in Arizona, Florida and Kentucky confirms our rigorous lab test results.

Accelerated lab and real world weathering test proven and evolving from military infrared heat-reflective coatings technology, SuperCapSR™ colour coating absorbs less heat to prevent vinyl profile distortion.

Exceeds Tough Industry Standards:

  • AAMA 613 for Color Retention
  • AAMA 614 for Weathering
  • AAMA 615 for Durability, testing to 12x harder than competitive paint coatings

Tested and passed per ASTM: D3363, D4214, D2247, D4585, D714, D523, D4726, D3359, D4803 and D968.

Over 5 years of harsh outdoor field testing in Arizona, Florida and Kentucky confirms our rigorous lab test results.

Advanced Vinyl Colour Technology

  • The most durable color solution on the market
  • Tests to 12x harder than competitive paint-applied coatings
  • High scratch resistance handles jobsite abuse better than paint, saving time and cost




SuperCapSR™ Colour Options

Available in four popular exterior architectural colours:




Exceptional patent-pending exterior color technology for vinyl and composite windows and doors

  • Superior solar heat-reflective performance – reflects 76% of infrared light to reduce vinyl profile heat gain
  • Maintain profile dimension integrity by reducing solar heat build-up
  • Co-extruded process provides a molecular-bonded acrylic color layer - integral to the profile - that is highly scratch resistant
  • Durable colors will not crack, chip, flake or chalk like most industry-applied paint





When the Heat is On, SuperCapSR™ Performs

 Co-extruded SuperCapSR™ acrylic thermal-fused colour layer becomes integral to the profile.

Historically, darker colored vinyl windows and patio doors have had problems with frame heat build-up – not only in hot climates, but also in most direct sun conditions. SuperCapSR™ heat-reflective color technology is a patent-pending process that creates a tough, molecularly fused acrylic color layer. The result? A color coat that’s permanently bonded to the vinyl frame extrusion for superior color retention and scratch-resistance performance.




Superior Field Benefits

infrared light

Actual thermal image lab test photo.

  • Superior infrared reflective performance prevents heat buildup that causes frame distortion
  • Never needs painting. Colour is thermally fused into the vinyl profile
  • Super durable and will not crack, peel, chip, flake or chalk like paint
  • Backed by a 20-year warranty covering defects resulting in peeling, blistering or flaking