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RetroTeck for Window Replacement in the Vancouver B.C. Area

If you know you'll soon need replacement windows in Vancouver, consider installing RetroTeck Window Mfg. Ltd. windows to reduce heat loss and increase the energy efficiency of your home. Although it never seems convenient, having the opportunity to install replacement windows in Vancouver offers you the chance to increase the value and comfort of your home—and partnering with RetroTeck is an excellent way to do it. Our ENERGY STAR-rated vinyl windows, manufactured with PVC, reduce condensation and help homeowners save on their hydro and heating bills every month!

Besides looking great and boosting your home's curb appeal, these innovative windows reduce drafts and noise better than traditional replacement windows in Vancouver. Our professional team is ready to install strong, durable RetroTeck windows in any type of architecture or window space. Our gallery demonstrates the variety of buildings we've outfitted with new windows. Once installed, these windows are virtually maintenance free, saving you from expensive maintenance and repair costs in the long run. With our revolutionary replacement windows, there is no water or air leakage, and you can count on excellent insulation. They’re resistant to the common causes of window repair such as fading, chipping, rusting and peeling. Your home will maintain its beautiful front for years to come!

Why Replace Your Windows?

Replacing old windows is an effective way to make your home appealing. Unless you’re a qualified window installation expert, you are best to leave installation up to the professionals. At RetroTeck, we understand that having your windows replaced may seem inconvenient, but our windows benefit your life in noticeable ways. Our products and services are backed by guarantee and perfection. We ensure professional installation and repair to achieve exceptional performance. Talk to our experts if you need custom designs for replacement windows in Vancouver.

Our elegant, custom-made windows are made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and sash corners—with high-quality locking systems. These great features offer several additional benefits:

Peace of Mind

Choose windows that last for years. Our windows don’t warp, fade, chip or rust.

Lower Costs

Increase energy efficiency and lower your hydro and electric bills with our ENERGY STAR-rated windows. We also offer our products at a variety of prices, so choose the windows that best fit your budget.

Beauty & Durability

Increase the value of your home with updated window styles and Canadian-made durability. We customize your windows to suit your home’s architecture and offer you a lifetime guarantee on the vinyl frame, as well as 5 years on our window installations.

Increased Comfort

Reduce drafts and noise. Our windows keep the harsh weather where it belongs—outside of your home.


Stay safe with our secure locking systems.

We’d love to professionally install your new windows. Call us today at 604-291-6751 for our window replacement services or fill out our contact form and a RetroTeck representative will be in touch soon!

Where Does the Heat Go?

Areas & Percentages of Heat Loss

Areas & Percentages of Heat Loss | replacement windows vancouver

Materials Heat Loss in BTUs Per Hour

Materials Heat Loss in BTUs Per Hour