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SD6500 Sliding Patio Door System Upgrades the Look & Feel of Your Home

Sliding Glass Patio Doors for Vancouver & Surrounding Areas

Would you like to add a new level of function and appeal to your Lower Mainland home? RetroTeck Window Mfg. Ltd. can give you an instant upgrade with quality manufactured sliding glass patio doors. We’ve found that many glass patio doors in Greater Vancouver are either installed incorrectly or not constructed well to begin with. You won’t have those problems with RetroTeck. Our patio doors are the thickest in the business with a width of .095” to ensure superior insulation.

Tight Fit Prevents Water & Air Leakage

The tighter fit offered by our Vancouver sliding glass patio doors prevents any water or air leakage. Just like our high quality windows, our sliding doors are ENERGY STAR rated for efficiency. The unique composition of our vinyl doors manufactured with PVC reduces condensation, drafts and noise.

Why Purchase a Patio Door from RetroTeck?

Offering excellence in manufacturing, our sliding glass patio doors in Vancouver provide easy operation as they glide smoothly across the tracks without sticking. Our doors are also resistant to common problems such as fading, chipping, rusting and peeling. In other words, our glass patio doors are virtually maintenance-free.

Superior Craftsmanship Backed by Precision Installations

As with all of our products, our Vancouver sliding glass doors are guaranteed. We stand behind our superior craftsmanship with exceptional installations and dedicated customer service. If you have questions or would like a quote, call us today! We’d be happy to help you discover which design would work best for your home.

RetroTeck is proud to offer a wide variety of quality sliding glass patio doors for Vancouver. So if your home is in need of new patio doors, or if you just want to be more energy-efficient, contact our experts today!

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