Commercial Windows

Providing Commercial Windows in Vancouver, Victoria, Nanaimo & throughout BC

When you need commercial windows in Vancouver or any British Columbia location to meet your performance and aesthetic standards, turn to the North American leaders at RetroTeck Window Mfg. Ltd. Our commercial window replacement systems will improve your building’s energy efficiency while providing innovative features and lasting appeal.

Our Architectural Series of commercial windows are rated architectural class (AW) according to the performance-based, material-neutral North American Fenestration Standard (NAFS) that governs the specifications for windows, doors and skylights. The AW rating is based on current international building codes and is used as the basis for third-party testing and certification. AW class windows are commonly used in high-rise and mid-rise buildings, where windows have increased loading requirements and frequent, extreme use. Performance testing for our commercial windows includes:

  • Operating force
  • Air leakage resistance
  • Water penetration resistance
  • Uniform load deflection test
  • Uniform load structural test
  • Forced-entry resistance

Your Source for Commercial Window Replacement in BC

Commercial windows for Nanaimo, Victoria and Vancouver from RetroTeck are perfect for a wide range of uses, including high-rise window installation and condo window replacement. We have architectural windows to fit your exact commercial window installation needs, including tilt-and-turn, casement, awning and fixed window systems. When it comes to high-rise window replacement, our products will meet the most stringent structural standards. We also offer aluminum windows that provide superior waterproofing for mid- or high-rise commercial buildings.

Outstanding Commercial Window Design

The Euro 11300™ AW-rated window system was developed for mid- and high-rise commercial buildings in North America for both new construction and window replacements. The materials and design elements that make these windows – in all styles – some of the best in the industry include:

  • Insulated glass for energy efficiency and noise reduction
  • Vinyl frames that resist condensation
  • Compartments that allow optimal foam fill
  • Frame and sash compartments for commercial use strength
  • Compression sealed designed to prevent water intrusion
  • Triple weather seals for air tightness

Increase Your Building’s Energy Efficiency
RetroTeck has the primary goal of improving your building’s energy efficiency with vinyl replacement windows give you exceptional thermal performance while meeting the energy requirements and codes of the commercial window market. Windows are any building’s main source of energy loss, making them central to lowering your heating and cooling costs as well as improving comfort in any weather. Not only do we offer a superior window, but we also ensure correct installation and materials. We focus on expertly fitting the frames, where much of your energy loss occurs, and our installation materials match the thermal efficiency of your windows.

The current thermal brake technology and 32 mm polyamide struts in the perimeter and sash framework, make our aluminum windows an attractive energy efficient choice as well.

Security Features

The hardware on our tilt windows lets the sash open inward widely enough not only for secure ventilation but also cleaning and emergency escapes. Our casement windows also open wide enough for emergency egress. The frame profile on our fixed windows is reinforced for the structural strength required by heavy commercial applications.

Trusted Commercial Window Contractors in BC

RetroTeck will be happy to talk to you about the many reasons why you should consider our commercial windows for your Victoria, Vancouver or Nanaimo high-rise window installation or condominium window replacement. Ideal for new construction and replacement, our windows provide the optimal mix of thermal efficiency and acoustic performance. Our vinyl window frames also resist condensation and feature SuperCapSR™ colour technology that offers superior colour retention, heat reflection and durability.

If you are looking for commercial window contractors for your high-rise window replacement, the clear choice is RetroTeck. Consult with our professionals today.