Window with white and black curtains looking out onto nature scene

Let Your Windows do the Talking with These Design Tips

Windows are not simply functional aspects of your home. They’re an integral part of the decor, from the way they display the landscape to the light they bring into the house. If you have a decent view or a good source of natural light, consider making your window the focal point of your room.

Let’s look at four ways you can accentuate your window and liven your living space:

  1. Choose the right window treatments. Curtains, drapes, blinds, shutters—there are many ways you can dress your window to make it a central feature of your living room, dining room, foyer, etc. Frame the window by hanging eye-catching curtains in simple, bold fabrics, or choose sheer, neutral colours to emphasize the view and natural light. You can also use your window to define the room’s ambience. For example, blinds made from eco-friendly materials like rattan or bamboo are perfect for creating an elegant, old-world charm. 
  2. Place furniture strategically. Placing furniture around the window is a foolproof way to ensure it gets the attention it deserves. A red couch or cozy window seat can easily do the trick! If your window looks out onto a beautiful landscape, choose simple furniture to complement the dream-like view, or centre the main seating area in front of the window to really make it shine! 
  3. Add a windowsill. Adding a windowsill and decorating it with potted plants, glass vases or unique artwork is another classic way to draw attention to your window’s architectural design. If you don’t have a window with a particularly nice view, embellish the area with beautiful, vibrant flowers—like orchids or African violets—instead. To ensure all eyes fall on your window, create a contrast between the sill and the frame. For example, if your window frame is on the lighter end of the colour spectrum, go with a darker wood for the ledge (and vice versa). 
  4. Pick an interesting design. Many great window designs—like casement, awning and bay windows, for example—can add life to a room and give your home personality. RetroTeck Window Mfg Ltd manufactures and installs the highest quality of vinyl frames in customized colours and designs to fit your budget and style. Your source for windows in Vancouver, Burnaby, Surrey and Victoria, RetroTeck offers appealing, durable, energy-efficient window solutions at a competitive price!

If you’re looking to improve the curb appeal of your beautiful Vancouver home with updated window styles that won’t break the bank, call RetroTeck Window Mfg Ltd or visit one of our three nearby showrooms. Our representatives will be pleased to walk you through our large selection of elegant windows and help you find a style that best suits your home’s architecture.
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