Commercial Windows in Vancouver

Commercial window projects in Vancouver are not one-size-fits-all. Every building has its own unique requirements.

Here’s a look at five important factors to consider before replacing or installing commercial windows in Vancouver:

  1. Frame material. Most commercial windows in Vancouver will have either vinyl or aluminum frames. Vinyl windows come in a wide range of colors, offer good energy efficiency and durability and are essentially maintenance-free. Impact-resistant aluminum windows offer better protection against extreme weather and tend to be less expensive than vinyl, but they’re not as energy efficient. Contact us at RetroTeck Window today with your questions regarding your window material options.
  2. Frame design. Some of the styles you can choose from when considering commercial window replacement or installation in Vancouver include tilt-n-turn, casement, awning, sliding, single hung and fixed windows. Each type has its own unique characteristics. RetroTeck Window offers all the frame styles you need.
  3. Glazing. Window glass technology has come a long way in the last few years. Single-paned windows are all but unavailable because of their low insulation properties. Most windows today are either double or triple-glazed with air or argon gas sealed in between the panes to increase insulation properties. Most windows in Vancouver are double glazed. Triple glazing is more expensive and heavier and usually reserved for extremely cold climates where maximum insulation properties are called for. Modern window glass will also be covered with a microscopically thin special coating that keeps harmful UV rays out; and heat in during winter and out in summer.
  4. Tinting and films. Tinting glass is an excellent way to add curb appeal to a building, or add that special touch to an interior décor with sandblasting, etching or graphics. Special tints and films can also be used to filter out harmful UV rays or raise the insulation value of existing windows in Vancouver. Anti-graffiti film, security film and signal defence security film are also available depending on your unique needs. Visit RetroTeck Window’s showroom in Burnaby for all the latest in cutting-edge window technology.
  5. Installation. Last and certainly not least, careful consideration should be given to whom you hire to install your commercial windows in Vancouver. Reputation is crucial. Check with your local chamber of commerce and the BBB.

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At RetroTeck Window we manufacture and install our very own windows and our quality, price and warranties are second to none. Contact us, or better yet, visit one of our three showrooms. We’re always happy to answer your questions regarding commercial window replacement in Vancouver.