Burglar Proof Glass Doors

You installed sliding glass doors because they brought sunlight and visual appeal into your building.

People within can enjoy the view, and they’ll feel happier because they get to soak up more vitamin D; making glass doors ideal for your home or business.

However, while these doors have many advantages, they have one key disadvantage that you’ll have to make up for. They pose a security risk. To keep your home or business safe, you’ll have to supplement your glass doors with a few extra security measures.

Why Do Glass Doors Pose a Security Risk?

With one simple look, you can tell that glass doesn’t have the same strengths as other materials. This means that your glass doors make your home or business more vulnerable to certain dangers, including:

  • Burglars: Intruders love seeing glass walls or doors. The large glass sheets give them an easy access point—they won’t have to pick locks or force doors open. They can simply shatter the glass, snatch what they came for, and leave without opposition. And the faster they can get to your valuables, the more confident they feel about getting away with the theft.
  • Vandals: Sometimes adolescents and young adults smash windows when they act out. Your glass doors will look like a fun opportunity. The glass also gives them a smooth surface to mark with etches, paint, etc.
  • Playtime accidents: If your children/employees like to play sports around the building, an errant baseball or other item could crack the glass.
  • Severe weather: Hail could crack the glass, as could any heavy, windblown object, like a tree branch. Floodwaters could also break the glass.

Compared to other materials, glass has some serious weaknesses. A steel door or even a wood door would guard against these dangers better. But do you really have to replace your glass doors?

Should You Just Replace Your Glass Doors?

If the information above alarmed you, you’ve probably considered foregoing your sliding glass doors and choosing a stronger option. However, before you do that, consider the advantages that glass gives you:

  • Your doors let in natural light, which boosts mood and energy.
  • The natural light makes the space look more appealing.
  • The natural light also helps you save on electricity costs.
  • The doors make the space look bigger.
  • Your sliding glass doors give you extra space to bring items into the building.

Your home or business looks more inviting because of those doors, so you should consider carefully before removing them. Glass doors have some important benefits, despite their disadvantages. And you don’t have to deal with those disadvantages as long as you find ways to burglar-proof your doors.

How Do You Make Your Doors More Secure?

To burglar-proof your glass doors, use the strategies listed below.

Security Systems and Alarms

If you do nothing else, purchase a security system of some kind. This security system should have a few key components:

  • It should contact the authorities immediately after triggering.
  • It should include a motion alarm. This should frighten a burglar away before he or she even touches the glass. Even if it doesn’t, it will make him or her feel stressed and careless while breaking in.
  • It should include a shatter alarm. Since motion alarms may go off when a cat or a tree branch gets too close, the authorities may not respond as quickly. However, a shatter alarm will signal that you really need help.

Reinforced Glass

You should also consider installing cameras around your glass doors. You can install small, unimposing ones so you don’t alarm customers or guests. Just keep them in plain sight so burglars know you mean business. Post signs about your alarm system around your property as well.

Consider adding a film to reinforce the glass in your door. You can also purchase reinforced glass, which also includes a film. This film holds the glass shards together even after they shatter, slowing an intruder’s entry. Strong reinforced glass may keep burglars out completely. The longer it takes to break into your home, the more likely a burglar will give up and run away.

Security Bars

If you don’t want to reinforce your glass, you can add security bars instead. You may brush this strategy off, supposing that bars will make your property look like a prison. However, manufacturers have created many classy security bar styles that will actually add aesthetic value to your home or business.

Dowel Rods

Sometimes burglars break the lock instead of breaking the glass—this method makes less noise, giving them more time to sneak undetected. You can thwart their efforts by putting a dowel rod in the sliding track. This way, even if the thief breaks the lock, he or she can’t move the door.

If you use the information above, you can have the best of both worlds. You’ll have a secure door without sacrificing aesthetic value. Use these tips to burglar-proof your sliding glass doors today. Contact your local glass expert at RetroTeck Window if you have further questions.