Dress Up Your Home with 9 DIY Holiday Window Décor Ideas

Don’t you love this time of year?

People all over Burnaby start to get festive and decorate their homes in anticipation of the holiday season. Aluminum windows, replacement windows, retrofit windows, vinyl windows…all windows like to get dressed up for the holidays! Get into the holiday spirit with these ideas for festive window décor.

1. Let it snow!

Use fake snow to lightly dust your windows or get a bit more creative and create a spectacular snowy design.

2. Let there be light!

Indoor mini-lights are an elegant way to dress up any window. They come in a wide variety of colours and shapes so you can get really creative.

3. It’s ornamentally my dear

Christmas ornaments offer another easy and totally customizable option. String together a few ornaments on some pretty pieces of ribbon and you’ll have an instant garland that you can use to create a curtain effect across your windows. Pretty and easy!

4. Beautiful and unique snowflakes

Remember how fun it was to make paper snowflakes when you were a kid? Well, you’re about to! Cut out paper snowflakes of varying shapes and sizes and then string them together until you have enough pieces of handmade-snowflake-garland-perfection to cover your window.

5. Felt your heart

Nothing says festive quite like poinsettias. Make your own felt poinsettia garland for a super simple DIY project that you can make with the kids.

6. Very valuable valances

Gather up a bunch of small boxes of varying shapes and sizes. Wrap in your favourite wrapping paper. String together with festive ribbon and hang as a valance on your window frame. So cute!

7. Candy cane lane

Use over-sized plastic candy canes to make a quick and easy festive curtain. Hang them all in a row using a piece of red or white ribbon for each one.

8. Reinvent the advent

Get really crafty and use your window as a backdrop for your very own personalized advent calendar. Stich numbers to tiny treat bags and string them together four at a time. Pin strings to the inside of the frame for a one-of-a-kind advent calendar that only you can reach. Ha-ha. Sorry kids.

9. Pretty pinecone garland

Gather up some fresh wintery-smelling pinecones from outside. Hang them on a string. Attach the strings to store bought pine garland and then hang in the window for a super festive look.

Need a replacement window before you can start decorating?

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