Insider Tips on Choosing the Right Replacement Windows and Doors

When you’re tired of putting up with old, foggy, inefficient windows at home or in your office, you begin to investigate your options more seriously.

The same goes for warped, unattractive doors. But with all the products and manufacturers out there, what should you look for? How can you know you’re getting a product that lasts?

It pays to have the insider’s view on replacement windows and doors. Here are 6 tips that will save you money and hassle later.

Tip 1: Ask a few reputable companies what kind of windows and doors they’d recommend for a property that is as old as your home or business. You can also ask what kind of warranties each company offers.

Tip 2: Once you get an idea of what products might work best, thank each company’s representative for the advice, and get to work doing a little research for yourself. Find out more about the brands and styles that were recommended to you, and keep a checklist handy so you can track all the features, warranties, and other information you’ll need later.

Tip 3: Consider visiting a showroom with your checklist in hand. You can fine-tune your selection process by comparing various models even within the same brand and budget.

Tip 4: Decide if your budget will allow for multiple replacements all at once, or if you can only afford one window or door. Why does this matter? Aside from the obvious (the limits of your bank account), if a truly uniform look matters to you, you’ll probably want to try for multiple replacements in one go. No matter how well a manufacturer sticks to design protocols, the process of crafting a window or door—such as the materials used or the colours and shades of sashing, can change over time. If you can afford it, another option may be to replace all windows on one side of your home or business, since it will be easier to disguise slight manufacturing variations later on other sides of the building.

Tip 5: Don’t ignore function and maintenance concerns! No matter how great a window or door looks, you need to be aware of features that may cause trouble later. For example, the window or door may be hard to clean, or the material might have a greater potential for warping under constant sunlight or harsh weather conditions.

Tip 6: You should calculate your eventual payoff if you decide to sell your home or business later. If you find that you can recoup at least 2/3 of your initial replacement costs, consider that a wise investment.

You’re now ready to conquer the window and door replacement universe. Have more questions? Just ask your RetroTeck specialist, call us today!