Save Energy (and $$$) This Winter with Retrofit Replacement Windows

Do you need to get replacement windows before winter comes to Victoria?

Are you losing heat to a draft because your windows don’t close properly or need replacing? Don’t wait until spring if it means that you are going to suffer all winter. Keep reading to learn how replacement windows can benefit you!

Drafty Windows = Dollars Down the Drain

There’s nothing that drives your energy bill up faster than a drafty window, sliding or patio door. Here’s how you can tell if your windows are costing you more than they should each month:

  • Your energy bills have been steadily increasing
  • You feel cold inside of your home
  • Your home is not heated evenly—some rooms are hotter than others
  • You can sometimes feel wind or cold air
  • You can hear outside noises like traffic or people talking on the sidewalk
  • There’s a lot of condensation in between the glass panels of your windows
  • The window frames are damaged
  • You have difficulty opening or shutting your windows
  • The locking mechanism no longer works
  • Your windows are cracked or broken

If your windows are showing any of these signs of wear, it may be time to have them replaced. Windows that are at the end of their life span will not only increase your heating costs but they can also pose a significant security risk if they aren’t closing and locking properly.

Benefits of Getting Replacement Windows

There are many benefits to getting retrofit replacement windows installed in your home besides just the energy savings. At RetroTeck Window in Victoria, all of our windows are custom made for your home using multi-chambered polyvinyl chloride (PVC) that never warps or fades. Our windows also come with high-quality locking systems for added security. Our aluminum and vinyl replacement windows give you:

  • Improved insulation
  • Increased comfort
  • Increased safety
  • Canadian-made durability
  • A fade and chip resistant finish
  • Frames that won’t rust or peel
  • An attractive and modern look
  • Increased curb appeal and market value
  • Energy Star-rated quality for improved energy efficiency
  • Long-lasting and nearly maintenance-free windows

Not All Windows Are Created Equal

If you buy your replacement windows from a big box store, you might end up with ill-fitting windows or limited warranty coverage. At RetroTeck Windows, we manufacture and professionally install windows that are custom made for your home. And our high-quality windows are guaranteed to look great for years to come.

With retrofit windows from RetroTeck, you’ll increase the value of your home and save big when it comes time to pay the energy bill each month. For custom-made aluminum or vinyl replacement windows in Victoria, BC, contact RetroTeck today!