The Anatomy of a Window

Windows are designed so that we’ll look right through them, without really noticing them at all.

At least until it comes time to replace or repair them. It’s only then that you might stop to consider the anatomy of the windows inside your home or business.

Whether you live in Vancouver, Burnaby, Surrey, Victoria or somewhere in between, it’s important for every homeowner to understand what their windows are made up of. Find out more below.

Window Components and Terms

Not all windows are made using the same parts. There are certain components found in all types of windows, for example, the glass itself, and other components specific to certain types of windows. Some of the most common elements of a window’s anatomy are the:

  • Apron—Trim added underneath the sill as a decorative accent.
  • Balance—Spring loaded balancing device featured in both single and double hung windows.
  • Casing—The piece that holds the window and frame in place within the wall.
  • Check rail—The middle of the window, where the top and bottom sashes meet. Found in double hung windows.
  • Frame—The vertical and horizontal pieces that hold the sashed window in place.
  • Glass—Every window, regardless of type must contain at least one sheet of glass.
  • Grille—Also known as a grid or muntin, a grille is a decorative accent that comes in a variety of styles and can be added to nearly any window type.
  • Head—The top of the window frame. Contained in all types of windows.
  • Jamb—Vertical pieces that support the sides of the window frame. Jambs are featured in every window type from awning, to garden windows and more.
  • Lift—Found in single and double hung windows, the lift is a handle that allows you to open and close the lower sash.
  • Rail—The part of the sash that’s horizontal, making up the top and bottom part of the window’s frame. Part of single and double hung windows.
  • Sash lock—Locks the lift in place on single and double hung windows.
  • Sash—The framework that holds the glass in place, made up of both stiles and rails. Found in single-hung, double-hung and casement windows.
  • Sill—A larger piece of framing material at the bottom of the window. Found in nearly all window types, although the size of the sill will vary.
  • Stile—The part of the sash that is vertical, making up the two sides of the window’s framework.

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