How to Use Old Window Frames for DIY Home Décor

Have you recently had replacement windows installed in your home? Don’t throw out those old window frames. They’re far from junk!

Whether tall, short, paned or stained, the weathered look of an old window frame invokes a vast array of home décor ideas to transform your living space and add a special sense of character to any room.

Simply add a fresh coat of paint to the window frame or rough it up with sanding paper to accentuate that charming weathered look.

7 DIY Ideas for Reusing Old Window Frames

  1. Pot rack. Pot racks are excellent space savers and appeal to most home chefs who want to have their pots and pans on display and within easy reach. Just screw sturdy hooks into the frame to hold the pots and pans and fix it to the ceiling over your stove or kitchen island.
  2. Memo/menu board. We love the idea of using window frames to leave messages for family members or for planning out the week’s daily dinner menu. It’s easy to replace old glass with a black chalkboard and it looks beautiful against old, weathered window frames.
  3. Wall art. Reusing windows is an excellent way to highlight original artwork or unique pieces of scrap paper or wallpaper. Attaching knickknacks to multiple windowpanes adds depth to your wall art too.
  4. Mirrors. For small rooms, hang old window frames with mirrors in place of the removed glass. Mirrors are a great way to make a tiny space seem visually larger. The hung frame will also add charm to the room’s overall ambiance.
  5. Picture frames. After a new window installation, let your old windows showcase your cherished memories and loved ones in picture frames. Create an interesting collage using window frames with multiple panes.
  6. Bed frame. Make a splash in the bedroom by using old windows as a bed frame. A collage of vintage stained glass windows is an excellent way to add character and colour to the room.
  7. Miniature greenhouse. Building a mini-greenhouse is a functional weekend project for reusing old windows, especially if you don’t have space for a vegetable garden or you need to keep your garden off the ground, away from nibbling pests. Best of all, they make your garden portable.

Considering New Windows for Your Home?

If you’re ready to have a replacement window installation, these ideas are just the tip of the DIY iceberg for what you can do with the old windows.

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