Typecasting Your Windows in Vancouver, British Columbia: How to Know Which Type and Style Suits Your Home

Typecasting can factor into window choices. Do you find yourself drawn to a particular style and model of window over and over?

When you drive through the neighbourhood, do you admire casement windows but find single-hung windows less interesting? If so, you are typecasting your style preference.

Of course, when it’s actually time to purchase replacement windows or choose new ones during a remodel, you may not be aware of how your subconscious preferences impact your choice.

To better understand why you like a certain window style—or to consciously choose something that goes ‘against type’—first you need to know what your personality might prefer.

The Old-Fashioned Personality

If you are old-fashioned, you may be a quiet, reserved person. Perhaps you favor historic homes and enjoy matching your décor to the original intentions of your home’s design. While you enjoy the elegance of old windows, you are practical enough that you want something energy efficient, too.

Casement windows are likely to be your choice. Since many historic windows feature a hand crank, you can match this feature in your modern casement window. Similarly, if you’re installing or replacing a bay window, casement windows can work in your new configuration, as well.

Depending on your preference, you can choose the hinge on either the left or right. Your opener can also open towards the inside or outside. This may appeal to your practical nature and your aesthetics.

Another good window for an old-fashioned personality is the garden window. Whether your home has a large yard or not, this window allows you the simple pleasure of a miniature greenhouse in any room. Such an idea may appeal to your inner traditionalist.

The Nature Lover

When you are indoors, do you long to be doing some rock climbing, hiking, gardening, or just walking around the block? If so, you’re probably a nature lover. For you, anything that brings a little more of the outdoors inside is what you prefer.

For this reason, you may want to choose one or two awning windows the next time you update your home’s look. When the next rainstorm arrives, you can allow the sounds and scents to come inside by opening the window fully. As the name implies, this window type opens to a wide position, often parallel to the floor, creating the look of an awning.

Bay and garden windows also appeal to the nature lover. What better way to incorporate natural elements than having a garden indoors? For those who love the look of plants but don’t garden, these types of windows are also great areas for allowing natural sunlight to flood the room.

The Practical Personality

Practical people tend to pay attention to saving money, keeping things simple, and using their common sense. This trait easily extends to window typecasting, mostly because a practical person likes a simple, time-tested window at a fair price. While a practical personality still enjoys an attractive window, style isn’t always the first consideration.

For this personality, single-hung windows may be the best choice. The bottom sash removes easily during cleaning, and most windows are installed with bug screens to keep pests out while fresh air flows in. These features appeal to a pragmatic homeowner.

For those practical persons who are willing to spend a bit more, double-hung windows are another choice. These windows open either from the bottom or top, and some models allow each sash to tilt inwards during cleaning. The only disadvantage a practical personality may see is the fact that double-hung windows don’t work well in every location (for example, over the kitchen sink).

The Artist

If you like variety, almost to the point of chaos, you may have an eclectic or artistic personality. What other personalities see as clean and ordered looks boring to you. You enjoy design, but may not limit yourself to just one decorative style.

When it comes to home design and choosing the right window, many artistic personalities want the freedom to create their own unique look. In other words, if you’re eclectic, so are your windows. You may decide that it’s too predictable to put a garden window in a traditional location like the kitchen or living room. Instead, you install one in your master bedroom so you can wake up to the sight of plants each day.

Perhaps you want to mix and match styles from one room to the next. Perhaps you have installed an awning window in the bathroom to let extra steam escape, but prefer the look of a casement window in the guest room.

If you are an artist in deed as well as in personality, you may have an artist’s studio that needs a great deal of natural light. If it’s on the ground floor, you consider adding sliding glass doors that don’t block any more light than necessary.

Regardless of your personality, you will find a window that matches it perfectly. Now that you know your tastes even more than you did before, you will be better prepared before you call your window installer. Call RetroTeck Windows to replace your windows in Vancouver, British Columbia (and surrounding areas) today.